Our stables offer a 20-stall boarding facility complete with 70' x 200' indoor riding hall. The footing in the arena is sand, shavings and arena moist, a product that offers a non-harmful solution to maintaining dust-free and lively footing. We also offer a large sand with rubber crumble outdoor riding ring that is 90' x 250'.


Individual turnout paddocks are dry and comfortable - we have removed the topsoil and replaced it with a crush pad, then top dressed it with a 3” layer of bark mulch. Fresh water is supplied to the paddocks and pastures year round. The fencing is a safe new design that combines traditional wood posts with galvanized steel rails. The property is double fenced ensuring safe containment of horses.


Our lockers provide ample space for all your horses equipment and accessories. Included in the regular board fees is a regular saddle pad, wraps, and towel laundry service, along with an industrial boot dryer, to ensure your boots are warm on those cold winter days. Our coffee room is a place that your friends and family will feel comfortable and the coffee will always be on.


We have responsible staff on site at all times to deal with any emergencies that may arise. Station Lane Stables is staffed with people that understand the requirements of talented horses and riders. Our feed is a high quality product that ensures healthy fit and happy horses. Hay will be analysed on a regular basis to ensure nutritional quality.


At Station Lane Stables our philosophy is that all horses will be cared and provided for in a safe comfortable manner. Each horse will be looked over and monitored by Station Lane staff to ensure the highest level quality care, both medically and nutritionally.


Our aim will be to meet your needs and to work with you to ensure that our facilities are a place that you and your horse will feel comfortable and at ease.



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